Thursday, July 10, 2014

Where Am I Today? - Jacksonville, Illinois

Currently, I am updating information following the Hopper family line.  These are relatives through my maternal grandfather's side.  I have this amazing photo with address of one of the many Hopper family businesses.  This one is located on 458 S. Main Street, Jacksonville, Illinois.  The address was listed on the back of the photo.

The Hopper family owned quite a few businesses.
One includes the Hopper Wheel Alignment shop located in Jacksonville, Illinois.
The photo was taken on the date written:  June 16, 1947.  I decided to have some fun and see if I could find it on Google maps!  Sure enough, there it is!  I honestly cannot tell if this is the same building when I pull up the street view.  But I do sense a road trip in my near future to check this place out as I do more digging!  If the Hopper family owed a business in Jacksonville, Illinois, that means there must be some information - or people that KNEW them personally - out in Jacksonville!

I love these hidden gems.

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