Monday, July 14, 2014

Filling out the Family Tree

Today, I am focusing on filling out my family tree.  Today I begin showcasing my Family History Binder.  In order for me to go into the Allen County Genealogical Library and seek professional help to find the missing pieces, I need to have my family tree organized in a way that they can help me.

What I have with me are:

First, I have downloaded the Family Tree Fan Template.  You can also find this under Free Printables.

Next, I begin filling out the names.

This gives me a good starting point.  Of course, there are members of the family whose maiden names are unknown.  For these people, I have just included their first name only.  I will have to research further to find their maiden name (which could be a challenge).

Some of the branches on my tree stop.  I will have to do some research to find this ancestor's parents.  

Now, I have a few branches that continue!

I add numbers around the fan.  This is will give me a reference.  You should end up with 64.

Just to add for reference, I assign this Fan Template the letter A.

On a new Family Tree Fan Template, I assign it a corresponding number.  For example, on my Fan Template A, #49 - James A. Whiteside continues on his family tree.  The Fan Template for his extending lineage is assigned A49.  I start with James A. Whiteside as the First Generation and continue on from there.  I highlight the assigned letter and number to make it stand out more.

James A. Whiteside's family line continues past my fan template. He is assigned #49, and I create a new fan template.

For James A. Whiteside, I make sure to put him down as the First Generation on my fan template.
Then I continue with his line.

Because James A. Whiteside is #49 on my Family Fan Template A,
the newly added Family Fan Template is assigned A49.
You might be asking, "Why not make it the letter B?"  Because there are 64 other ancestors that could potentially move on past the 7 generations available on the fan template.  We only have 24 letters in our alphabet.  Secondly, when I move on past Fan Template A49, I can add A49-# for the next 7 generations if I am lucky enough to get there.

Also, Family Fan Template A is based off of my lineage.  I am also researching my husband's family genealogy.  His Family Fan Template is B.

For special research, such as Native American records or adoption, I mark beside the person's name some type of symbol. This reminds me that when I get to this person, my research is going to be done in a very different way from the norm.

Rebecca is a very curious person.  She was a Native American.  So I have put a * by her name, because locating her documents will be different than everyone else.

I have written beside the * what it symbolizes.  An A with a circle around it indicates Adoption.
You can use any symbol you would like to distinguish where in your family tree are individuals whose information will be more difficult to find.

The Family Tree Fans will be my go-to.  These are my master copies, so they go into page protectors since I will be referring to it frequently and updating it.  All of these master copies are organized based on their assigned letter then number.

At the back of my binder, I add in paper.  This will allow me to take notes as I'm doing any research.

Scrap paper or notebook paper is your friend. :)

This is the start.  The reference numbers will come in handy on a later day.  Right now, my binder looks pitiful and empty.  However, it will fill up quickly!  Until then, I will see you next chapter!

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