Thursday, July 17, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Mystery Woman Discovered!

Previously, I created a Throwback Thursday post called "Who Are You?"  I was determined to find out who this woman was that looks just like my great aunt.  Lucky me, over the July 4th weekend, I found out names to faces!  I am excited to announce that we have discovered who this mystery woman is!

Her name is Algie Hopper.
Miss Algie Hopper

Algie Hopper is my great grandmother's sister.  She was born November 11, 1868 in Wayne, Kentucky.  Algie never married or had any children.  Instead, she lived with her fellow sisters, Lola and Dolly MacFarland.  Lula Hopper is my great-grandmother who is Algie's sister.  Now this opens up more questions for me, as I do not know if Lula and Lola are the same person....  I will have to open up my books, check my dates, and talk to some people I know to check on that.

Miss Algie Hopper - sister of my great-grandmother Lula Hopper.
Ironically, what I thought were the same people were actually two sisters.  The third picture is of my great-grandmother's sister, Pearl Hopper.

Miss Pearl Hopper - sister of my great-grandmother Lula Hopper

The most fascinating thing about genealogy is that when you open your research to include aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings, you can open the door for so much more information.  While looking up information on and about Algie Hopper & Pearl Hopper, I was able to find the 1940 Census Record showing that she lived with her sister and another sister and her spouse.  I was also able to locate on the full name of my great-great-grandfather:  John Nathan Hopper (21 March 1846 - 30 October 1925) born in Russell County, Kentucky.  Which, in turn, lead me to my great-great-grandmother:  Sarah Norfleet (approx. 1831 - 14 May 1926) born in North Carolina.

Finding the name to this one mystery women opened the doors for me to find more information about my ancestors.  I will say, I knew John Hopper's first and last names, and I knew his wife was Sarah.  But after that, I did not know.  This has given me dates and full names.  It gave me concrete proof of their existence.

This is why I love genealogy.

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